Vices // Virtues

     Book design
     10x13, 166 pages
     Perfect bound 

Vices//Virtues is a book about music and religion. The book uses typography to draw parallels between these two very polarizing characteristics of a persons identity and bridge the gaps between them. It is broken up into three main sections- Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, and the type is designed to reflect the idea of these three sections.

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     Web design


v// is a website meant to be paired with the book Vices//Virtues. The website uses a digital platform to make the strucure of comparing and contrasting interactive for the viewer, encouraging them to make their own connections. Content is curated by editors for the site and organized chronologically as it is posted. There is a large emphasis on labeling and superficiality in the typographic heirarchy, hence the emphasis on comments and tags.