A small selection of various printmaking projects.

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     Block print
     150 unique prints

Runaways! is a series of 150 individual prints I created to promote myself as Warped Tour 2014. The elephant and typography are inspired by the old traveling circus. Each print used two colors, on one of six colors of card stock, of ink with one of three metallic Sharpies to detail the type. The prints are all hand numbered, signed, and stamped on the back.

CANdy Warhol


CANdy Warhol shares a lot of the same DNA as the Andy Warhol 'Soup Can' series by which it is inspired. The imagery of cans, in this case a crushed soda can, is the same; however, this version is meant to be a more active, aggressive subject. The emphasis on repetiton and bright colors is also consistent. Much the same as Warhol's, this series is a critique of the speed and excess of American consumerism, with an emphasis on the waste and degredation that comes as a result.


Cthoodle (Oh My Pho King God!)

     Experimental screenprint

Cthoodle is a series of monoprints made using food-inspired imagery and as many actual food materials as possible. The red ink is transparent based mixed with Sriracha sauce, a portion of the prints were flocked with beef bullion. The little creature is made up of a bowl of pho noodles and is meant to resemble a watery, cute cthulu monster. He represents the excess of consumption that is inherent with fast food culture, specifically the emphasis on arge portion size that comes with pho. His halo aura is meant to paint his as a saint, glorified and worshipped. I wanted the tone of the piece to be more or less humorous.