Digital Illustration

A small selection of various digital illustrations. 



OLD + FEAR + FULL is a digitally collaged horror art piece. it started off as three smaller collages, each one illustrating a different word: old, fear, or fill. This poster is a result of combining those three small collages together. Obviously, the 'fear' collage took over the other two compositions.

Kong: What Now?


Kong was part of a team project. The challenge was to creat a series of posters, one per each person in the group, that advocated second amendment rights. Our group concept was to use humor and absurdity to highlight the importance of the issue, as well as to make the topic a bit more approachable for the casual viewer. For our posters, we replaced guns with food to represent someone who was defenseless in a situation where you would need a gun. In this case, a city is defenseless from against the attack of a monster and have come together in a feeble attempt to stop it. 


Wild Side


Wild Side is a poster I did for the second annual Otis: Identity Drag Show. The theme for this go-around was jungle, which of course conjurs up visions of steamy rivers and dense foliage. Without wanting to be too cliche in my imagery, I chose to focus on color and composition over any specific imagery. The digital collage is made up of plant and animal life taken from magazines and the internet, all mirrored and treated with a very bright and exuberant orange color gradient. The mirroring of the composition is meant to be evocative of the transformation that is drag- of taking a walk on the wild side.