Davids & Goliaths

     Publication design
     8x10, 70+22 pages

Davids & Goliaths is a manifesto about understanding something’s place in the world, the infinite scope it has despite its seeming insignificance. The book is structured using three levels- the Micro, the Macro, and the actual. The smaller booklets spread out through the larger book contain the Actual level, the main subject that is being explored throughout the publication. The larger book itself contains the Micro and Macro levels, which explore items that have been influenced by and that had influence upon The Actual subject. For example, in this issue the Actual subject is Fall Out Boy, the popular rock band. The Micro level explores bands that Fall Out Boy helped inspire and the record label the bassist formed, things that could not have existed without Fall Out Boy. The Macro level explores Fall Out Boy’s hometown and the northeaster hardcore scene, things that played a role in the formation of Fall Out Boy.

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The Sardine Can Manifesto

or, How To Coexist with People You’ve Never Met

Right now you’re reading this sentence. Are you alone?

You’re probably in some type of enclosed space, and that space is all you’re really aware of right now. Not the larger building it’s a part of, not the cul-de-sac it’s at the end of, the county, state, or country it is in, and not the continent it is on- one of only seven on a puny little planet. This sentence in this space is all that you perceive right now.

Take a second to look beyond yourself. Realize that the world is much more than just the part that you experience, and remember that not everything is about you

Right now, there are billions of people all around you in every direction, all doing the same things in their own enclosed spaces as you’re doing in yours right now.. These people, however, are faceless- they don’t exist until you choose to acknowledge them. Take a moment to see yourself in them- the same struggles, the same fears. You are just like them, and at the same time nothing alike at all. Their complexities are impossible to imagine. Your existence and theirs are both unique and simultaneous. You all live in the same era on the same floating rock, you’re all members in the same crowd, you’re all sardines in the same can. It’s time you and started acting like it.

First of all, acknowledge that you, me, and everyone else in the world have wants and needs- we are allowed to have wants and needs. Sometimes those needs overlap, and sometimes they conflict. This is to be expected.

Never forget that it is as important to respect yourself as it is others. Assume that no one is looking out for you, accept this as fact, and realize that you are allowed to fight for your own interests if no one else will. Do not use this as an excuse to neglect the well-being of others though. Fight for them, even the faceless ones, the way you would want them to fight for you- and don’t take it personally when they don’t return the favor. They don’t owe you anything.

I’ll say it again: No one in this world owes you anything.

Lastly, don’t ever forget that people are three-dimensional beings. The faceless people, the people who seem to be nothing more than their face, the people whose faces you think you know- they all have friends and thoughts and lives like yours, and there are more of them than you can ever imagine. They are all more than what you think you know about them.

This isn’t something that’s just going to coalesce for you instantaneously, so don’t expect it to. Just trust that the longer you spend thinking about the people you don’t see, the easier it gets to remember them.

You’re getting closer to the last sentence on the same page you started on, and you’re probably still in the same sardine can you started out in. Ask yourself this though:

How many more sardines are in the can with you now?