Hello there! My name is Nicole Abea. I am a graphic designer and loud music enthusiast, and I want to make great things for you.

Growing up as an only child really forces you to foster your imagination. I was always coloring and drawing, listening to music and creating worlds for myself. As I got older that was how I bonded with other people, over the worlds and fantasies we shared. That’s a big part of why I love graphic design so much now- it brings to life one person’s vision for a world of people to share. 

Design allows me to speak to people I will never meet; it exists beyond me, making its’ way into a world that is simultaneously shrinking and expanding. As a designer, much of what I do revolves around how we see each other. I use details and structures to explore context and connections. I use language and imagery to try help people re-examine their place in the world. What started out as something I enjoyed doing has turned into a life-long mission. If I don’t do these things, if I don’t tell these stories and make these connections, then who will? Design has become my way of engaging with others, of learning from them and giving them a bit of myself. It hasn’t always easy, but it will always be worth it.